As the Android market apps is increasing dramatically, Echovox has decided to develop some specific Android applications allowing an in-app payment solution.

We are providing a full range of Android applications using our own intern payment system through Premium SMS. Endusers can easily access to many applications. They can charge their own accounts by just clicking on a specific iFrame, displayed on the screen. This iFrame proposes to accept or cancelled a purchase. The app is then sending a PSMS and is waiting for the acknowledgement from the carrier to credit the app.

Echovox is proposing many types of applications from traditional entertainment apps such as Quizz, Horoscop … to specific apps allowing chat or games. We are also proposing a Catalog allowing our customers to sell their contents directly through an Android App.

Thanks to many years of experience in the SMS entertainment and content industry, Echovox is working closely with its customers in order to offer the best app in the market allowing a real financial model.