Over the years Echovox has built a wide experience in mobile interactivity solutions. We possess a strong know-how in developing and sourcing mobile content.


Echovox offers a combination of information and entertainment solutions which provide a variety of functions and services

  • Compatibility (first names, birthdates, etc…)
  • Applications based on our traditional services on SMS
  • Applications based on mobile functionalities (videos,screen sensor, voice)

Chat and Coaching

Echovox provides 24/7 chat animation and moderation solutions

  • Users receive live, instant answers via text messages from other users or animators (different variations possible : teen, dating, etc…)
  • We also have a 100% coaching animated service. Experts give users personal advices.
  • Experienced psychics answer questions about future based on astrology and numerology, horoscope in real time.

Games and Quizzes

Echovox owns a rich portfolio of quizzes, games and prize competitions

  • Cumulative Quizz:” Test your knowledge, will you get the highest score?”
  • Instant win game: “Win an iPod by simply answering A or B to the question with your mobile”.
  • Alert is a service used to broadcast latest news to subscribers such as sports results, club alerts, breaking news, fanclub infos, etc…

Content download

Enabling content creators, producers and distributors to edit, publish, distribute and bill for their content globally

  • Videos, logos, music, java applications, animated wallpapers, ringtones, etc…
  • Specific targets (adult contents, soft, etc…)
  • One-stop-shop solution branded to your company (content, device rendering on WAP, integrated billing).
  • Extensive reporting and user profiling.

TV/ high-throughput solutions

Echovox offers a complete range of tools for voting, call TV and text 2 screen applications, allowing TV programs to interact with their audience.

  • Voting application features real-time votes tracking, real-time data processing and forwarding and advanced voting patterns diagnostics.
  • Very high-throughput connections to the mobile operators’ SMSCs.